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Artist Statement:

My goal as an artist is to create pieces that are unique, beautiful and add a dimension of pleasure in every day life, while also acting as a catalyst for thought and reflection by the viewer. My work and imagery are based on my observations and reactions to the world that surrounds me informed by emotional experience.

I began my creative life as a photojournalist and quickly evolved into making documentary films and short personal art films. My process involves internal emotional dialogues that draw on reccuring themes such as trains as a symbol of motion, freedom and exploration. My mid-life creative adventures led me to working with glass. Glass has magic for me like no other material that I've experienced. I work utilizing a “free form” hot casting glass technique to create sculptural objects. I'm also strongly drawn to integrating copper that I have manipulated in a forge or with a plasma cutter to create shapes, symbols and textures. Recently I have evolved into making kiln formed objects as well as functional pieces.

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